We are killing our smart phones! 

Ok first of all I back! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while I lost motivation and had exams but now I back! Now on to the title and matter back in hand yes we are killing our smart phones! 

Yes, I know, our smartphone batteries are bad because they barely last a day. But it’s our fault now before you stop reading here me out ok? It’s because we’ve been charging them wrong this whole time. 

Many of us have an built in notion that charging our smartphones in small bursts will cause long-term damage to their batteries, and that it’s better to charge them when they’re close to dead. 

But I think we couldn’t be more wrong.

In fact according to a site called battery company cadex and there article Charging Lithium-ion says “how the lithium-ion batteries in our smartphones are sensitive to their own versions of “stress.” And, like for humans, extended stress could be damaging your smartphone battery’s long-term lifespan.” 

Now If we want to keep our smartphone battery in top condition and go about your day without worrying about battery life, we  need to change a few things.

  1. Don’t keep it plugged in when it’s fully charged

Yep it’s true. According to Battery University, leaving your phone plugged in when it’s fully charged, like you might overnight, is bad for the battery in the long run. Once your smartphone has reached 100% charge, it gets “more charges” to keep it at 100% while plugged in. It keeps the battery in a high-stress, high-tension state, which wears down the chemicals within the battery it self. 

Now in another post  by Battery University goes into a bunch of scientific detail explaining why this happens and stuff but this bit I am quoting “When fully charged, remove the battery from its charging device. This is like relaxing the muscles after strenuous exercise. You too would be pretty miserable if you worked out nonstop for hours and hours.”

2. In fact, try not to charge it to 100%

Well At least when you don’t have to.

According to Battery University, “Li-ion does not need to be fully charged, nor is it desirable to do so. In fact, it is better not to fully charge, because a high voltage stresses the battery and wears it away in the long run.” 

That might seem unreasonable if you’re trying to keep your smartphone charged all day, but just plug it in whenever you can during the day, and you’ll be fine. 

3. Plug in your phone whenever you can

It turns out that the batteries in our smartphones are much happier if you charge them occasionally throughout the day instead of plugging them in for a big charging session when they’re nearly empty. 

When Charging your phone  it loses 10% of its charge would be the best-case scenario, according to Battery University. Obviously, that’s not practical for most people, so just plug in your smartphone whenever you can. It’s fine to plug and unplug it multiple times a day.

Not only does this keep your smartphone’s battery lasting for longer, but it also keeps it topped up throughout the day. 

Plus, small top-ups also let you use features you might not normally use because they hog your battery life, like location-based features such as  your smartphone’s GPS. 

4. Keep it cool

Now a real life story is that someone I know who left their phone on charge for a while after 100% there battery blew up so keep you phone cool when charging. 

The Smartphone batteries are so sensitive to heat that Apple itself suggests you remove certain cases that insulate heat from your iPhone when you charge it. “If you notice that your device gets hot when you charge it, take it out of its case first. If you’re out in the hot sun, keep your phone covered. It will protect your battery’s health.” 

Now if we follow all 4 steps we should have a healthy phone which can last you years 

Anyway that’s it from me hope this helps comment below if this helps your phone to last longer or that I am wrong in saying this at all 



The phandom 

Literally I am Sure that some of my friends and family groaned at the title but then some are celebrating in excitement. So this is the most Active phandom I am in really and that’s saying something that I have joined a lot of fandoms. Some of you might not know what I am talking about *cough cough my mum cough cough* so to Break it down phan is the combined Fanbase of danisnotonfire and amazingphil from YouTube.

Ok so now that’s out of the way the phandom is Small irl but on the internet we practically dominate it. I mean you can’t go onto tumbler without scrolling and seeing at least one phan blog on you dashboard. 

So what make us phans such a big phandom and why do we love dan and Phil so much? Well I don’t know really but I will try to explain it. 

1. They are so fu**ing relatable. Dan’s just this really awkward, anti-social person who swears a lot and is forever suffering through existential crises and procrastinate things (totally me but not with an existential crises), while Phil’s an adorable, extremely weird, nerdy, ray of sunshine (also me, minus the adorable and ray of sunshine). Their videos are about problems which everyone faces, but are too embarassed to admit, and it provides a platform for people to connect with each other and be relatable too.

2 They’re really nice. And sweet. Of course, I wouldn’t know, since I’ve never met them (but they did come to Australia for TATINOF and I saw that so I am not complaining), but also I’ve seen a gazillion videos of them meeting their phans, giving them advice and being supporting about their life problems (thank you, Internet Support Group tbh). Here are some fantastic Quotes of wisdom they have said over the years: 

3. They make so many memes here are some 

The list could go on tbh. Anyway So, yeah.

So If you have not sub to them then check them out, yeah? The Phandom needs to grow! so it can spread happiness and love throughout the internet! 

Ps I made 2 dan and Phil videos on my YouTube channel if you want check them out here 

That’s all for now allt1234

Frequency on the CW

So the end of season one of frequency now if you don’t know what this show is then stop reading this and go and binge watch it it a great show 🙂 (here is a Summary just in case you are lazy af and don’t want to go and binge watch 13 episodes) just to let you know it was an Remake of the 2000 movie 

A police detective in 2016 discovers that she is able to speak via a ham radio with her dead father; Frank Sullivan, a detective who died in 1996 and the two must work together to change the history of tragic events to save her mother from the most wanted serial killer. while also getting the chance to heal complicated relationship with her parents.

From the jump, i knew “Frequency” wasn’t likely to get a full season on The CW, just like people of tomorrow considering the absolute flood of shows the network had saved on its lineup for spring premieres. Still, I’m bummed the show has completed its first-season so soon I feel like the writers are messing with us in the finale episode (no spoilers) but what I would say tho is something bad happens then it’s fix until the last few minutes it back to how The hole thing started like an complete circle just going round and round. 

Spoilers a head so don’t read if you don’t want spoilers skip to the end of this paragraph for no soilers 

After a long and tiring chase for the Nightingale Killer, Frank (Riley Smith) and Raimy (Peyton List) thought they’d finally caught the man and put him away. Unfortunately, his stepson was the real killer, which led to some pretty explosive consequences in the final moments of (Wednesday’s (Jan. 25) USA time) yesterday’s (jan 26) (for Australians) finale. 
Spoilers over 

Luckily for fans (like me), with renewal still up in the air for “Frequency,” the Season 1 finale could serve as either the end to a pretty awesome series… Or a launching point for a new chapter.

With Robbie (who is played by David Lipper) still on the loose — and stalking Raimy’s engagement party from afar — and the radio that connects her with her father in 1996 now broken, there are quite a few questions left up in the air. On the other hand, she did manage to save her mother and win back her fiancé, so Raimy’s life isn’t quite the disaster it used to be — thanks to her decision to meddle with the past.

executive producer Jeremy Carver, was ask about the show’s chances of renewal and what a Season 2 might look like if that days comes in an interview this is what he said: 

“We leave things open, and we close some loops as well, Every good show is still going to leave open danglers and cliffhangers when it comes to the next season, and we’re no different.”

So As far as a potential Season 2 goes, there’s no confirmation of renewal yet, but that doesn’t mean the writers aren’t tossing around ideas about where Raimy and Frank for future storylines.

As for my opinion of the show I think over the course of Season 1 there’s a lot of things that they discussed that we sort of left on the shelf, There’s a couple things that happen in the finale that actually Tied the knot  show as a series. That’s me being very vague and not wanting to spoil anything anymore. 

Spoilers aside, it does sound like there are a few solid plans on the for a potential Season 2 witch is a shame. 

I think the writers had us (fans) engage in some other mystery. One of the things that i really loved about the first season of the show was the idea of ‘What is science and what is fate?’ I think fans (not just me hopefully) continue to ask those questions until we get a Season 2 and possibly beyond!?

Personally, me (and fans out there) would love to see Raimy set out on a new mission to find a way to save her father. After all, in the original movie (back in 2000), John (Jim Caviezel) — the character Raimy is based on — ultimately finds a way to keep his mother and his father alive while stopping the Nightingale killer for good so could this possibly happen?! 
Well The only way we’ll get that though, is if people turn up to watch the show while its renewal is hanging in the balance. Luckily, Netflix will come to our rescue yet again (like they always do). 

apparently”Frequency” will be available for streaming on Netflix starting the morning of Thursday, Feb. 2. 

So maybe if the show gets enough Netflix Views maybe the CW will continue the show? 

Well I guess we will just have to wait and see please feel free to comment what you think in the comments 

Until next time see you next post allt1234 

15 Songs to cure your heartbreaks 

So here we are again 😦 I did do one of these ages ago but well I will spare you the details this time ( https://bookclubsforfun.wordpress.com/2016/01/20/break-up-songs/) anyway here are 15 songs to cure your heartbreaks 

  1. Someone like you by Adele 
  2. Irreplaceable by Beyoncé 
  3. We are never getting back together by Taylor Swift
  4. Since you been gone by Kelly Clarkson
  5. Forget you  by ceelo Green 
  6. I will always love you by Whitney Houston
  7. The scientist by Coldplay 
  8. With or without you by U2
  9. Losing grip by Avril Lavigne
  10. Single ladies by Beyoncé
  11. somebody that are used to know by gotye fet.kimbra
  12. DKLA by troye sivan
  13. I knew you were trouble by Taylor Swift
  14. Jar of hearts by Cheistina perri 
  15. Stitches by Shawn Mendes

New Year’s Eve party play list 

So if your reading this it is New Years ever  🎉 anyway I having a party so I thought I will tell you of the playlist of songs I Am dancing to! ( some this songs are my dad’s playlist of old songs but mostly mine  )Also comment down below what is your jam of 2016? Here are mine (I will link all the songs to youtube)

 DJ Snake ft. Justin Bieber – Let Me Love You

Major Lazer – Cold Water feat. Justin Bieber & MØ 

Calvin Harris – This Is What You Came For ft. Rihanna

CAN’T STOP THE FEELING!- justintim berlake 

Happy – Pharrell Williams

Fancy– Iggy Azalea featuring Charli XCX

YMCA the village people 

Another bites the dust queen 

Uptown Funk – Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars

Beat It– Michael Jackson

I was made for loving you- kiss 

gangnam style- psy 

clash -rock the casbah

Martha And The Vandellas – Heat Wave

Michael Jackson – Rocks With You

Bee gees stayin’ alive 

Holiday movies

Ok well Surprise  surprise i back before the new year! 

I always say to people 

“SO MANY THINGS TO WATCH, SO LITTLE TIME,” and this is me, just about every holiday break. One time I binge watched supernatural and I crammed 7 seasons in 2weeks or the time I craned 1 whole season of izombie in 1 day. Well this is me when I attempt to cram 300 hours of TV time into three days or less And because we all know this is impossible to do so, I took the time to make a favourite list of movies (and possibly honourable mentions because I wanted to keep this short) prepare to spend the rest of the holidays slouching down on your couch and having beverages eyes glued to the TV. 

Home Alone

it only takes the first few seconds in Home alone’ theme song before I’m totally chiled by my childhood nostalgia. Even though this movie was made in 1990 which if I do my maths correct is 26 years old film I watched it growing up my self even though I am 16. 

 sure, it hasn’t been that great to Macaulay Culkin now, so let’s all just take a moment and go back in time and imagine him back in the days when he was good (what i Heard from people from that time)  

So what he did was set booby traps. And while it’s highly entertaining to watch Kevin trick the burglars Harry and Marv, the true gem of Home Alone is Old Man Marley, who ends up being Kevin’s kindred spirit instead of the scary neighbor next door. Just thinking about the church scene is giving me SO MANY FEELINGS. BRB, crying softly into the pillow.

Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas

How the Grinch Stole Christmas 

So If you went to this movie to see some huge academy award presentation…oh well..but if you wanted to see a funny delightful adaptation of an old classic, you will love it..

Jim Carey was incredible as usual. The story line was great, a few parts added like the history of the Grinch made it even better. Ron Howard never misses a beat..But although there were a few ADULT comments and cleavage added, this is supped to be a kids or family show ( at lest my little self didn’t pick it up not until I rewatched it the other day). Try not to lose sight of that ..if you do you really wont enjoy the movie…and as for the comments about Ron Howard, try to direct a major motion picture and see how you do..its not easy as it looks … 

The Polar Express

The polar express was made in 2004 but I remember seeing it 4 years later on DVD I was about 8 i injoy daughter it sooo much I watched it for the following 2 years as well. 

The polar express is the best, most magical personification of Christmas as a child. It’s the classic children’s book brought “to life” through CGI animation with everyone’s favorite, Tom Hanks, portraying almost all of the adult characters. From the moment the magical train pulls up outside the main character’s home to the instant he meets Santa at the North Pole and is gifted “THE FIRST GIFT OF CHRISTMAS!”, you feel the holiday spirit hit you from your head to your toes. 

The Santa Clause

This movie is a holiday classic! Tim Allen is really funny, and the movie is non stop entertaining and fun. This is one movie that I can watch over and over without getting bored, at any time of the year. Simply a holiday classic. Great for the family too! It’s an original ’90s style Christmas story that tugs at your heart strings, even though as I said before I only 16 but I watch this in my childhood it’s a classic what can I say!? It reminds us of those days when We dreamt of Santa… when we stood in line waiting to sit on the jolly elf’s lap… your knees shaking… as you tried to memorize what you were going to ask Santa. Anyone who isn’t touched by this movie should look for the little boy or girl inside, and remember the Christmas Eves when you listened for the clatter of reindeer hooves on the roof. If you have no such memories, you may not understand this movie. Thumbs up to Tim Allen and Judge Reinhold! Thanks for the happy tears! 


This was one of my favorite movies in made in 2003 (even though I watch in 2007 for the first time) Will Ferrell is brilliant as the Elf. The supporting cast is great too, especially Bob Newhart as his elf “dad”. Will Ferrell plays the elf with such innocence, he is so funny! This is not just a Christmas film but I will be probably be watching “Elf” in July! The story progresses nicely, there are many lessons to be learned as you watch this movie. It touched my heart in many ways. I highly recommend this movie for kids AND adults, you won’t regret it. Treat yourself and watch this “original” movie. Hollywood needs to make more like this. 

What is your favorite holiday movie? Tell me in the comments below!

The following are more Christmas movies i love and needed to have a honourable mention: White Christmas, Muppet Christmas Carol, It Happened on 5th Avenue, Home Alone 2, Four Christmases, Christmas Story, Santa Claus is Comin To Town, Christmas Carol, The Family Man, A Christmas Story, Rudolph, Charlie Brown Christmas, Scrooged, Holiday Inn,  Jack Frost and rise of the guardians. 

See you next post Allt1234xx 

Christmas 2016

Soo it Christmas… merry Christmas every one hope the year as been good to you this is just a recap of 2016 some key points  not in order just from the top of my head Here we go

We sarted with the year with 1 extra day wich was the 29th of February 

Then we had 4 new ghosts busters which sparked in the media. My opinion is  I liked the 1990’s ghost busters anyway moving on

Then we had the final 5 at the Olympics for the us gymnastics team 

Then the all the news about the iPhone 7 but then People were like  the iPhone 6s was better than the iPhone 7

Then you had the 5 dollar note change 

Next we had critics giving suicide squad 26% on rotten tomatoes witch be fair in my opinion it was a crap movie. 

Britain left Europe in the bricks  vote

 Angelina left Brad  😦 I shipped them too much 

Vine shut down witch A lot of spark on media 

Then Pokémon go was released and ratings for Pokémon I need netendo went up 

The whole Facebook scam of news being fake around everywhere and everyone was in a panic 

Then we had The divorce of Corleen and Josh wich sent fangirl in a panic 

Everyone was being dogs on Snapchat with the dog filter which is kinda cute
Then drake release hotline bling that went viral 

And the whole thing about the exploding Samsung and recall do you want to purchase their phones

Then Beyoncé slayed with lemonade love the album:)

Then donle trump was in the media for eating a taco bowl 

Then McDonald’s had all day breakfast (but but but I was loving it) 

Dr strange which hit the box office big time highest  grossing marvle movie after dead pool 

Stranger things hit Netflix and blew up

The whole thing about the clowns scaring us on the media

Then we had the invention of the manikin challenge (witch is stupid I think) 

the Olympics had us oh laying 

Then Zika virus broke out

Bolt broke records 

we had Superman versus Batman which was a flop 

Kim Kardashian had a argument with Taylor swift 

Bob Dylan won a Nobel Prize

Tony awards was hosted by James corden 

The us election ended last month but it felt like a whole centry ( help us donle trump won this might be the end of the word) 

Then we had donle trump’s wife Melania plagiarising Michelle Obama speach 

Then we had rihanna with work (*singing work work work*) 

Hillory had more votes the trump

We lost arli (some boxer? Idk) 

We shed tears for David Bowie 

We said farewell to Gene Wilder 

And we kissed prince good bye 

And we sung hello (by Adele) millions of times 

We are one step closer to a als  (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) cure or mnd (Motor neuron disease)  we call it her in australia 

Jono when to Jupiter (wich was a satellite that when to Jupiter) 

China pandas stop being endangered ( yay pandas love them so much to cute) 

Then we had the elpo crisis ( *silence*)  

We were shook by the earthquake in Italy 

Whether you think this year as good or bad Becky with the good hair or trump with the weird hair we are now saying good bye to 2016 and hello 2017 🙂 

Hope you have a nice holiday see you next year allt1234